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T.G.P. is a national asset management company based in Oeiras.

We operate in the Facilities Management area – supporting the management of a home. The goal is simple, to make the house more efficient.

It arises as a result of the lack of adequate market response in this area, giving the green light to the creation of a new service, where the focus is on increasing our customers’ savings.

Formed by a young and ambitious team, its staff is made up of highly specialized technicians, with advanced technical vocation and oriented to the real needs of our customers.

Rigor and professionalism are the basis of our services, providing a high level of efficiency in all our activities.

Whether in assistance, consumption analysis, owner support or construction, TGP’s services stand out for their high competence in the various areas of activity, as well as for the quick response and professionalism of our employees.

We want to be a company responsible for lowering our customers’ asset costs as well as reducing our society’s ecological footprint for a more sustainable future for all of us and future generations.



A fundamental principle in all that we do, is the virtue of producing a desired effect and doing it with the right resources and, above all, making asset management more efficient.


It is based on the importance of the “Word given” and the fulfillment of all contracts and obligations, both to customers and to loyalty and complicity with employees.


Structuring principle that translates into the great autonomy granted and the corresponding responsibility assumed; invests in training, support and encouragement to people “at home”, valuing a spirit of help with our customers.

Rigor and Professionalism

We underline the commitment, experience and knowledge of our technicians, offering a personalized service that represents the true essence of asset management.


The key challenge for the 21st century is the ability to achieve levels of sustainability and corporate social responsibility that will enable us at every moment to find dynamic solutions with positive impacts on the services provided and welfare benefits in the economic, social and environmental dimensions.


Business Security is a set of measures capable of generating a state in which the vital interests of an organization are free from interference and disturbance beyond its control.

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